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Crazy Marketing Contest


How many times have you seen something, that on the surface seems ridiculous, but makes you remember an event, a place, a product or something else significant at the moment? Graphics and design play a significant role in helping your recall efforts. After all, branding, advertising and commercial design are really fancy terms for “recall”!

When I saw the “Milk You Dry” it made me think of those crazy Styrofoam balls era, that gas stations, basketball teams (Lakers) and others handed out. This was to make you recall their product.

What’s the craziest thing that you have seen for marketing? Upload a picture and/or send us the link of it and we will post it on the website in our “Crazy Idea Contest”. The winners will be judged by you, and the prize will be a $20 Starbucks certificate!

Start those images flowing in and let’s see what we get.

Crazy Contest Rules Share

1. Post a reply that includes an image/ link to an image
2. The image/ post with the most comments wins
3. Vote early & vote often (Chicago style!!)
4. Last day for entries is Jan 21, 2014
5. Last day for Comments is Jan 28, 2014
6. Easy peazy ! Have fun !

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