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Language Gap

Have you ever considered having all or a portion of your website in another language? When people hear this, they immediately think of the cost, and hey, I don’t speak another language. How would that benefit me? Consider this.

It’s not just about you. There are many people here in the U.S that are multi lingual, but may not have the best writing skills in English. Then, there are other people who have a good writing skills in English, but who are not multi lingual. There should be a marriage here somewhere.

Although this is not the complete answer, here is one solution.

Use an Electronic Language Translator (aka: Machine Translation).

At the top of this page is a language selector, where you can switch into one of five different languages, instantly. This one works with Google’s Translator engine. It does a pretty good job, although not perfect. If you speak another language, try it. Let me know, with a comment on this blog page, as to what you think.

Also, if you have any thoughts on the matter, please post them below so that others can get your opinion about offering different languages on web site pages and blogs.

Thanks for your time.
Bill Spencer

ps: This will not translate sign language 🙂
pss: Is there just one universal sign language? If the answer is more than one, how many are there? People with the right answer will receive one good thought from me. People who look the answer up will receive negative ions channeled into their office for the day. 🙁

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