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Don’t let your business be a secret!

Horizontal Light Productions office cat graphic designer Santa Barbara HorizontalLight Santa Barbara Ventura Solvang Buellton

Website design and graphic design is the business of Horizontal Light Productions (HLP), owned and operated by Bill Spencer in Santa Barbara, California. HLP has worked on a variety of projects.

The most important feature to consider, when looking at ways to enhance your business is “Consistency of Design”.

Want your business to be quickly identified? Staying consistent with your overall look and feel is vital. This consistency must flow through all your product media. Your website, logo, and brochures should all reflect a consistent theme.

Subtle things, like the style of your fonts, can break your design consistency. If you use a Times Roman font on your brochure, do not use Arial on your website and business cards.

You can use HLP to focus on the small things that make the big picture say to your clients that you are knowledgeable with your business, products and services.

And about the nuts and bolts of a website. When someone clicks on a link, or expects something to happen when they click on the shopping cart and nothing happens, HLP can help you with these nagging issues of your website. Give us a call, we will be more than happy to help you.

Bill Spencer, owner
Horizontal Light Productions.

Studio/ Office of Horizontal Light Productions. Where the magic happens in a modern and clean environment.
Santa Barbara web design graphics website logo signs Horizontal Light HorizontalLight Ventura Solvang Buellton

Office Horizontal Light Productions web design graphic santa barbara Bill Spencer

Office Horizontal Light Productions web design graphic santa barbara Bill Spencer

Client conferences can take place in a quiet and unfettered space.