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Bill Spencer Horizontal Light Productions graphic designer Santa Barbara HorizontalLight Santa Barbara Ventura Solvang Buellton

Bill Spencer, owner
Horizontal Light

Bringing it All With You

Life never seems to go in a straight line. While attending high school in Los Angeles, CA my dream was to become an architect. I took lots of classes and moved on to college. In college the left brain engineering bug caught up with me and I started taking classes in general and civil engineering.

So I pursued this career tract for a couple of years and, like so many college students, I changed my major. I ended up working for the government as a land use planner which gave me a chance to actually be around both engineers and architects, but in a completely different manner than what I had envisioned.

As it turns out, all of those experiences count. My engineering background taught me to focus on the details, which I now use to write the code that makes these websites move. The idea of design never went away. I discovered that many of my cousins and their families landed in the design and fine arts fields. I did not discover this until my adult life, as many of us moved around the country. So now I know, I am a bit left brained, but a whole lot creative on the right side.

I have had this design bug for quite some time, which suits me just right. I now live and work in Santa Barbara, CA with my wife Gail, and occasionally Chucky, the neighborhood cat.

Bill Spencer, owner
Horizontal Light Productions.

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