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Will it be Mobilegeddon for your websites?

Google is changing the Rules Again

Is your website Mobile Ready, and who cares? Google has announced for some time now, that it is changing the rules for who gets top billing on Google searches. Why you should care about this!

But before we go any further, read this paragraph carefully. Google has a couple of different searches, which give different search results on various devices. One result for mobile devices and a different result for

Check your site now!

Mobile Ready Test

When I first heard of this I was mistakenly thinking that this applied to tablets and phones, however it appears it only applies to phones. This is according to Google. Click the button to check your site.

all the rest of the searches (I’m making this simplistic). How do they differ? Here is a real life explanation for what Google is up to:

You are standing on the sidewalk, in front of a Chinese restaurant and you want to know what people think of the food. linkedin-chopsticks

So you pull out your phone and “Google” Chinese restaurants. The one that you are standing in front of does not show up, but several around the corner show up with rave reviews. You know you checked the address of the restaurant the other day from your home on your desktop computer, so you know they have a website that came up first on the page. Yikes, what just happened!?

The restaurant you are standing in front of does not have a mobile ready website and the others do. And Google is very clearly stating that if your website is not mobile ready, you WILL rank lower on mobile devices. “Mobile Ready” means that your website has been optimized for phone compatible screen sizes, menu’s, and text. If you have done this, your users will have a fruitful experience on your site. Google is concerned about this and will rank you lower on what they call Mobile Usability, if your site is not mobile ready.

If you have a website you want checked for Mobile Readiness, please follow this Ready link and enter your website address. Google will let you know the results. Your site will be analyzed for free. If you need help, or simply need questions answered about this, please email or just call us and we will help you sort through the steps you need to take to get ready for Mobilegeddon.

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