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SEO Smoke and Mirrors


Search Engine Optimization

So you have a website and you are trying to drive traffic to it, hopefully, in a variety of different ways. Most common is to insure that Google, Bing, or Yahoo index your pages. But how, exactly does this happen?

That’s the smoke. Yes, I am a website designer,and yes I should know all the answers for SEO, but none of us really know the whole picture, (except the engineers at the search engine companies and they are not talking, too much). Designers and

webmasters spend a lot of time getting titles, meta tags, and descriptions that we “secretly” plug into your website. This was supposed to do the trick. Once we finish our “smoke” you expect your website to show up on the first page of all search engines. That was yesteryear. Word on the street now is that most of this type of “smoke” does not help as much as it used to. So now what?

We now submit your website, directly to the search engines, so that we know, that they know, that we know that our sites are search engine “aware”. So what? They are the ones in control and then they apply their own brand of “smoke”, so that when we look in their mirrors we see ourselves. This is really whacky, but this is pretty much the way it works.

So here is one thing that can really help. Real simple, difficult to implement. I believe it’s all about the links. Just as in real estate the primary factors that affect sales prices are location, location, and location, it’s links, links, and more links. Links are mirrors.

Try and get a high value site, like (yeah right) to provide consistent links to your site. Barring that, get someone, anyone, to link to your site. Inbound links (links from others to you) have good value to those smoky spiders & crawlers in search engine companies. They love em. We web designers cannot do this for you. We can only do half of it. You have to go out and hustle these mirrors to your site. It takes talking to somebody (web designers, webmasters, owners of companies, whoever) that will tell somebody, to provide the link back to your site.

So there you have it. This is not the final smoke, but just a way to get a few mirrors that will reflect your site.

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