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Yellow and Website Design


Yellow: Good Color for Websites Or Is It Just For The Sunday Funnies?

So what is it with the color yellow? It’s history and purpose is all over the place. Some folks associate it with wealth and sunshine. Other folks liken it to treason and betrayal. Yeah, yellow is special. When you open a site with yellow coloring, it´s the type of special like when you get a brand new computer game like or that special when you see your best friend.

Yellow really has a symbiotic relationship with humans. Yellow is the happy color. It is the color of enlightenment,

creativity, and optimism. Yellow is the Tour de France leaders’ color, the color of the happy children’s character Sponge Bob, and the color of many daffodils, lemons and bees. So what is it that makes this color so popular? On the other side it has the quality of caution, and illness. In my opinion the happy side outweighs all the rest. . But get a load of this!

cowAround the 17-1800s A.D. artists commonly mixed their own paints, using a variety of concoctions. A very famous and influential British painter, JMW Turner worked with yellow hues during the latter part of his life. It is said that he used a mixture from the urine of cows and/or buffalos that had been fed with mango leaves. This was then mixed with clay to form these color balls. Now there’s an image that’s going to linger! One of my friends was down at the Getty last week checking out the Turner exhibit. I’ll have to check with her on this.

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors in the spectrum. It literally shines. And our peripheral vision is much higher for yellow than its evil cousin, red. Designers like to use this color to add a little warmth and sparkle to our projects.

HLP-the-color-yellow-smallFor websites yellow can be an excellent color for your web page backgrounds. Not all colors of yellow look good on the modern monitors of today. The softer yellows, and those buttery yellows are excellent choices. They will go a long ways toward providing that calm happy feeling for your readers. If the yellow is too “loud”, as in the color of a school bus, you will disrupt that calm happy feeling.

And if you are providing content for comic strips, and the Sunday funnies, any hue or tint of yellow is still, and always will be, “content appropriate”. And thank you, Dick Tracy!

Sooooo, I am a web designer and graphic artist. I feature myself as an environmentally friendly graphic artist. When I mix my colors, I not only do it electronically, but I make extensive use of recycled electrons, while enjoying mango fruit whenever I get the chance.

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