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Your About Page


Arguably, the About page of your website is one of your most important pages on the site. It is important because it contains information that everyone wants to know. This is true whether you are selling products, services, or strictly providing information in the form of a blog.But what is it that people are in such need of, that they always seem to migrate to your About page? Here is a clue. It is not all about you.

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Does Your Website Need a Photographer


Does Your WebsiteNeed a Photographer?

Many people ask me, in the course of developing websites, if they need to hire a photographer. The answer I give most often will leave some photographers flatfooted. But before we get to that answer let me convey a couple of known facts about images.

First of all, our brains process images much faster and with more cognitive detail than text. (How much faster is up for discussion. Some believe it to be 60,000 times faster.) Second, humans store images in their long term memory in something called “chunks”. So if you want someone to remember some “factoid” of information,

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Google Mobile Ready


Will it be Mobilegeddon for your websites?

Google is changing the Rules Again

Is your website Mobile Ready, and who cares? Google has announced for some time now, that it is changing the rules for who gets top billing on Google searches. Why you should care about this!

But before we go any further, read this paragraph carefully. Google has a couple of different searches, which give different search results on various devices. One result for mobile devices and a different result for

Check your site now!

Mobile Ready Test

When I first heard of this I was mistakenly thinking that this applied to tablets and phones, however it appears it only applies to phones. This is according to Google. Click the button to check your site.

all the rest of the searches (I’m making this simplistic). How do they differ? Here is a real life explanation for what Google is up to:

You are standing on the sidewalk, in front of a Chinese restaurant and you want to know what people think of the food.

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Yellow and Website Design


Yellow: Good Color for Websites Or Is It Just For The Sunday Funnies?

So what is it with the color yellow? It’s history and purpose is all over the place. Some folks associate it with wealth and sunshine. Other folks liken it to treason and betrayal. Yeah, yellow is special. When you open a site with yellow coloring, it´s the type of special like when you get a brand new computer game like or that special when you see your best friend.

Yellow really has a symbiotic relationship with humans. Yellow is the happy color. It is the color of enlightenment,

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SEO Smoke and Mirrors


Search Engine Optimization

So you have a website and you are trying to drive traffic to it, hopefully, in a variety of different ways. Most common is to insure that Google, Bing, or Yahoo index your pages. But how, exactly does this happen?

That’s the smoke. Yes, I am a website designer,and yes I should know all the answers for SEO, but none of us really know the whole picture, (except the engineers at the search engine companies and they are not talking, too much). Designers and

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